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                         Row by Row 2017
                                    Theme: ON THE GO Theme: ON THE GO!
           Our row this year is called migration and it is paper pieced.


LOVE all the text rows!  Thanks Lorraine O'Dell for including ours!

We're excited for row by row!  Who will be the first into the shop with a completed quilt?  We'll post a picture as soon as we have a winner!

pre-order your kit for November 1st shipping here

A look at just a corner of our Row by Row custom printed background fabric. Over 200 people, places and things that make Oregon one of a kind.

           Our row for 2016 Row by Row Experience
                   the theme is home sweet home

        2016 Row by Row Plates available now!                                                                                              

2016 Row by Row theme is Home Sweet Home...get the details here



Thank you to everyone who has participated in Row by Row. It has been a great experience for us. The theme for 2016 is Home Sweet Home...what to do?  


We've got a winner!

Yea!!! cool cottons has a Row X Row winner! Lydia Dahlen brought in her quilt this morning. She not only used our row (Annual Precipitation, Portland Or.) but rows from Speckled Hen, Craft Warehouse, Mill End, Fabric Depot, Tea Time Calicos, Every Thread Counts and Quilting Delights. Lydia won the 25 fat quarter stack and a $20 gift certificate for including our row in her quilt. Congratulations, Great job!

Click on the link below to see all of the Oregon shops rows and license plates!

Welcome row by row shop hoppers!

Let the games begin!

Row by Row 2015

The theme for the Row by Row shop hop is WATER, something we know a little bit about here in Portland.    The hop starts June 21st and runs through September 8th.  We'll have the free pattern for our row available then, as well as a kit should you wish to purchase that.  Sorry, but patterns and kits can only be distributed in person at the shop.  No internet or phone orders allowed until November 1st as per the rules of the Row by Row Experience Shop Hop.  At last count there were over 75 Oregon shops participating go to: to check them all out!

Thanks to Anne, Elsa & Linda for your help!

It's going to be a great summer!

The Row By Row Experience shop hop has over 60 Oregon shops participating so far!

All 3 of our license plates are back in stock!    

Our row and pattern are still being tested but it's coming along nicely. We'll post a photo in the next couple of weeks!

Our row pattern is being tested as you read this.  Thank you to Linda, Anne & Elsa for helping with this.  So, what is our row?  I'll just say that it is uniquely Portland...stay tuned.

cool cottons and the Row by Row Experience

Oregon Row by Row 2015 participant!


cool cottons is in!  The theme at Row by Row for 2015 is WATER and we are working hard on our row and pattern. We'll post a photo when it is ready.  We will have a couple of different license plates  for sale that will be available May 15th, here's a sneak peek at one of them.  We are looking forward to participating in Row by Row and can't wait to meet all the shop hoppers.